Monday, February 09, 2015

That feeling!


I just received this fun photo from a friend who attended a class with me a week ago.
When I see it, I know why I am a quilter!
It is a passion - a passion for fabrics, for colours, for shapes, for creating and for enjoying!

2015-02-09 11.34.08

I have been waiting for this pattern for a couple of months - it is hot off the press and by one of my favourite designers, Anni Downs.
It has it all - piecing, applique and stitchery!

I will wait a while before I start it - I have some Work In Progress to take care of here too, and I am not stuffing my WIPs back in the boxes right now - would be a waste of my already used time, right!

I do also enjoy having something special to look forward too :-)

Yes - I am in this for the passion and the fun - definitively :-)




  1. Hello Hanne! What a great photo! Enjoy making your quilt when you do get started! I love Anni Downs' designs! Have a good week! :) x

  2. Great photo. This is exactly how we look like when we get some new pattern and fabric!!!!! Can't wait to get my pattern too :)

  3. Great photo! I love that feeling too! Lovely pattern and fabrics, I can't wait to see you start it.

  4. Love the photo...... That is a picture of HAPPINESS.....

  5. I get excited too when I get new fabric, that looks like a great pattern and the fabric bundle - well we all like bundles of fabric don't we.

  6. Definitely in touch with the emotions in that photo. Doesn't everyone caress their fabric that way?

  7. What a wonderful picture! Your joy is evident and something I really understand. Happy Stitches Hanne!

  8. I can see your heart singing! What a wonderful photo. :-)


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