Sunday, February 27, 2022

Happy Sunday

I am looking through some boxes and finds treasures that have been neglected.
This elongated top was once so fun to make and then it sort of landed in a box, with one stripe of border attached. Where did the other strips of border go? I don't know, honestly. It was before our move from house to apartment. 
I will pick the one stripe off and add another fabric instead.

Since last weekend's class and other happy events, I am itching to sew more.
I need to finish something too - it is a Need and an Urge 😀

BTW - the stitchery in the middle is from Bronwyn Hayes, Red Brolly.
I tried recently to google her, to find her website, but it looks like it is gone.
I wonder if she is designing anymore or not. Do you know?


Same with these blocks, that once was meant to be a bedspread. 4 blocks done, one lacking 1 - one - strip. What on earth was I thinking?

Well - it will never be covering a bed. You might already know that we do not sleep under quilts in Norway. We use duvets with duvet covers, and quilts are used for decoration purposes on made up beds (mostly)
I do have a single quilt on top of my duvet during winter, for extra comfort and weight.
The 4 blocks will be finished and I have a good plan for what to make from them 💓

This morning I baked bread rolls for our breakfast. They are cold risen, no knead, and with very little yeast. They are baked with wheat flour, oat flour, rolled oats and chia seeds.
Since the dough was cold risen, I made the dough last night.
Cold risen dough is a slow process, but is pays off really well. Next time I will possibly add a little more wheat flour and hold back a little on the oat flour to see where it gets me. Maybe adding some dry spices to the mix too.

Wishing you a happy Sunday, wherever you are 



  1. Oh I love finding treasures that I’d forgotten. I think the embroidery is adorable.

  2. Those bread rolls look yummy! Nothing like the aroma of bread baking in an oven. Great to see you on Chooky's zoom day.

  3. Your bread rolls look good.
    I'm sure you will find just the right fabric to finish your UFOs.

  4. The bread rolls look delicious. Look forward to seeing what you make with your ufo's. Hugs, xx

  5. I think that Bronwyn Hayes may have passed away ☹

  6. What lovely treasures to uncover. I believe Bronwyn Hayes sadly died a few years ago.


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