Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Like a butterfly


I seems to be fluttering around like a butterfly,
doing a little here and a little there, not accomplishing much...... 


I have "forever" moved around a box of 4-patches in my sewing room. I started them summer 2020, cutting into my smallest scraps. Finished 4-patches are 2,5", seam allowance included. 
I can remember I thought I could get so much done while being at home all the time. I was so wrong.


Today I cut plain squares 2,5 inch, and started joining 2 blocks with one plain square. 
I think the joined blocks will be easier to handle at a later point, and much easier to store in an organized way. My plan is to place the strips of blocks on the diagonal, making a lap quilt. Time frame is not set. 

I feel tempted to work more on these blocks before to long. I am curios to see what the quilt top will look like. I love the fabric scraps I am using. The oldest fabric I have used (I think), is from around 2005, bought for the binding I used on my Dear Jane quilt.

Never a dull moment in quilt corner 😃

Wishing you a wonderful day where you are!


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  1. Beautiful. I love blue and white. I hope you use them soon.


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