Saturday, March 05, 2022

Inspiration - I have stopped waiting

I admit that I have been sitting and waiting for inspiration for a long time, 
even if I know in my heart that waiting makes no difference - action does.


Yesterday I decided to give the blue 4-patches an hour, and before I knew it I had worked for more, with a smile on my face and a happy dance in my feet.
I have not counted my 4-patches, but I can see that I need to make more (or maybe not)  to make a lap quilt. 
I am planning a border with piecing in it too, so I think my 4-patch piece has to be like 43-45 inches wide.

Some of the fabrics brings back very good memories, like this little bunny and flower fabric I got from a friend years ago. I got a bento box cloth, and I have cut into it with respect, using every piece I have cut. I think it might be a polyester cotton blend, but in this case I have decided that it does not matter - looks, memories and happiness are more important.


Today my oldest daughter and I are mending a zipper in a pair of jeans, and altering some oversized sweaters. 
I do enjoy mending clothes it they can be used longer. It feels meaningful. 

I have turned off the 24 hours news from the war in Ukraine. 
My heart bleeds for the people of Ukraine, and for all the Russians that do not want this war!

💓 I hope for peace soon 💓



  1. Your blue squares are going to be beautiful. I look forward to seeing your planned border.

  2. Your 4 patch is beautiful. Look forward to seeing your border. Hugs,xx

  3. Lovely quilt top Hanne

  4. Love your little blue & white quilt, so cute! I can't take much of the war either. I try to keep abreast of the news but it's so frustrating! Happy stitching!

  5. IM glad it come together as this is just beautiful.......I love what you ahve done with the pieces and such pretty blues........
    Ukraine is so sad........

  6. Your quilt top is so pretty with all the blue and beige fabrics. Lets hope this war is over soon.

  7. It looks wonderful, sometimes simple is best.


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