Sunday, April 17, 2022

Happy Easter

It has been a long time since my last post.  

In the beginning of March a dear relative passed away, and my husband and I traveled to the west coast to attend his church service and burial. 

It was a beautiful service and it was very nice to touch base with other dear relatives. 

Unluckily I caught Covid during the travel. 
The sick days was not hard - and the only symptom I had in the beginning was a raspy voice, but no sore throat. I got some long time effects that has not left yet, being very tired. I am much better these last days, and this too shall pass. 

Sewing has been on the back burner, but I have managed to finish a couple of knittings, while watching to much TV 😄

The small placemats above are also done, and I use them frequently while drinking morning coffee or having a cuppa and a cookie.
Design is from @zeriano on Instagram

Some more hearts has been made into blocks. 

 I have had most energy in mornings, for housework, baking, knitting and sewing. I have taken advantage of that. Dear husband appreciates a cookie with his afternoon coffee. I do too. I prefer home baked goods when I have time.

Easter has been very nice so far, staying at home. I hope your Easter have been nice too 💛🐤

See you again soon 💓

 Smiles from 



  1. I'm sorry you caught covid but I'm glad it wasn't more serious. Your sweater is so pretty! Handwork is a great way to spend time while resting. Don't overdo, take time to fully recover. Blessings!

  2. So glad to that you are recovering from covid. Your knitting is so very pretty and your placemats too.

  3. Your cardigan is beautiful. Lovely placemats. Glad you are recovering from covid. Take care of yourself. Hugs, xx

  4. Sorry for your loss Hanne. Glad you were not too sick with COVID and hope that the long effects resolve and you feel completely well again soon. Your cardigan is beautiful...enjoy those homebaked yummies...

  5. sorry to hear you lost a relative.......glad you could get to the funeral........
    Bugger about covid........seems I know more people now who have not been well after having it.....lingering complications.....the cardigan is lovely.......and I do love a good biscuit.......pretty heart blocks.........


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