Monday, May 02, 2022

This and that

It has been a long time since I did much sewing machine work, and even longer since I did any machine quilting to speak of. I need to use from my fabric stash, and I like to make care quilts / charity quilts for children. My local university hospital has asked for quilts for baby ICU, and the sizes they ask for are doable for me on my domestic sewing machine. I do enjoy using the Double Dresden ruler to cut the tumblers. I have some other templates from the stone ages - Quilting from the Heartland -, but they are in set sizes. 
Set sizes are seldom the size I really want to work with.....

The after math of covid is still present, so I am taking it easy. I will not win any speed contests, but I do enjoy the process, which is a good thing and what it is all about here in Quilt Corner.

Finding that I had 8 spools of the same colour of the same machine quilting thread just make it as clear as mud that I really need to use from all kinds of stash for a long time 😂

This is from the prepping process of Kathy Schmitz' latest Christmas pattern. I thought I should get a lot done through Easter, but that did not happen. I have appliqued some trees and stitched a little here and there. I am thinking about digging out all my Christmas half done projects and see if I can get some of them done in good time for Christmas this year. That would be something 😁💓

It is lighter and brighter in the evenings here now. I love spring and summer. I hope we get good weather for outdoor stitching!

Wishing you a lovely day where you are - take care 💓



  1. hallo hanne, da hast du ja wieder schöne projekte in arbeit, auch wenn es langsam vorangeht, alles wird einmal fertig. wünsch dir schöne frühlingstage und fröhliches weiterarbeiten, bleib gesund und pass gut auf dich auf
    liebe grüsse elfriede

  2. Love the tumblers, pretty fabrics. Nice Christmas project. Hugs, xx

  3. Nice projects to work on..... Goodluck getting over Covid.....

  4. Half finished projects and using up stash, perfect idea for most of us!

  5. Always fun to work with tumblers...good luck with the Christmas project goal...hope you are soon well over the COVID aftermath...


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