Saturday, December 30, 2023

Chookshed Stitchers 2024 Challenge part 2


I asked DH what he thinks about his wife being unruly and chose 13 projects because she can not limit herself to 10 - and he said Go For It - you look happy, he said. Long time since you made big plans, he said. Reach for the moon, he said.  I know why I still love him a lot after all these yearsπŸ’–

Well - even with all that love and support, I have decided to stick with the 10 projects for now!
When I have done all the deadline projects, I can add some more 😍

#6 A stitchery from Bareroots that I have had on my mind and the pattern has been on my desk since I visited Minnesota 5 years ago. Now is a good time to do it!

#7 A stitchery I just finished - an Advent SAL from em-bea-roidery on Instagram
It was so fun to do - it deserves to not be put away before properly done into something useful. 
I can not just hang it as it is, in an embroidery hoop. I have a plan!

#8 One of my first every stitcheries, from before stitchery was a thing in Norway. I bought it on Ebay. It was so exciting to wait for the mailman bringing it here from across the big pond. I can not remember if it was shipped from USA or Australia. The designer is Bronwyn Hayes from Australia. It was also supposed to be finished in 2023, before Christmas. 

#9 Another stitchery from Bronwyn Hayes, back in the days; also bought on Ebay.
I have already picked fabrics for making a pouch.Tumbler pattern I think. It was meant to go with me to USA this autumn. The best laid plans and all that......

#10 Hand quilting with Aurifil 12 wt and big stitches


The fun can begin - I am so ready!



  1. You didn't list your hexie project! You so inspired me in November, I've started hand stitching a hexie quilt also. I hope you make a lot of progress on your list, happy stitching!

  2. It was good to see you yesterday Hanne. Glad you re joining us for the challenge & look forward to seeing your progress on your chosen projects.

  3. It was lovely to see you on Zoom. Two posts about the challenge, you really are excited about it. I hope you have fun and make lots of progress.

  4. Your embroidery "stitchery" is gorgeous!!! How many strands do you use?

  5. It's great to see what you have planned to do this year- I wish you luck in working on them! (I've just looked up em-bea-roidery - she does some very lovely designs.)

  6. Good luck with your projects.


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