Thursday, January 06, 2011

A small finish and some good books


When attending a class with Lynette Anderson in Oslo in November 2009, this tape measure cover was one of the items we could make.
The stitchery was done, all but the heart on the sewing machine - I think I had planned to make the heart in pink, or something……
Since this is my first tape measure cover it took some time to finish, but it was well worth the effort.
My DH is laughing - I guess men wants real plastic instead of fabric covered tools. I can not agree :-)

I love quilting books, embroidery books, books about quilting during the civil war era.


The Anges (Angles) book is embroidery, both cross stitching and line drawings. From Lappemakeriet.
The Tis The Season is Natalie Bird (The Birdhouse) last booklet and I have bought it from Lyn. She sent it in good time before Christmas, but the postal system was slow, so it just got here.
Maybe it can give me a kick start on this year's gifts ?


I got a book for Christmas with a change it if you like card in it, and one book became 2 in the change, with a little money in between.
Julegleder ( Christmas Joy) is a nice Christmas craft book, with a lot of cute gift ideas.
Broderi, 200 broderisting - Embroidery, 200 embroidery stitches - just a got to have and enjoy book :-)
Both are in Norwegian, and can be bought online here if you can not get it in your local book store.


A got to have book for me - A Path To The Civil War - from Lappemakeriet.
Quilt blocks and history in the same book - can it be much better ? :-)



The journey is the reward. Chinese Proverb



  1. Åååå det var en søt liten gadget :o) Flotte bøker, sikkert mye insprasjon og kommende prosjekter der!

  2. Nice stitchey you made!
    I read you love civil war quilts and stories : Do you know the site of Barbara Brackman? She is a quilthistorian and knows a lot of civlwar(quilts) This week she started a block of the week (BOW) with civil war block, one year long, you find the link on het blog:

  3. Så fin den til målebåndet var, og mange fine bøker. Nå kan du kse deg. klem


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