Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More Tour de Fibre

P1080750I am still working on my angel quilt, and it is coming along
– and it is fun to see the progress :-)

P1080751I have sorted through all my fabrics and I think I have found enough of the right kind of blues to finish the angel quilt without buying or having to ask friends for help.

P1080729Some days I have done like Miss Cat – resting

P1080736The Ring of Roses table runner top is done, with my own colours. It was nice to do the stitchery out on the veranda when the weather was nice.


toiletry purseI needed a new toiletry purse, and this one was fun to do :-)
The stitchery I found in my block / Ufo box. It is my own drawing,
and you can find it in this post, if you will do it too.

makeup purse blueToday I made this little makeup purse.
You can see it is not big if you know the strips of fabrics are cut 2,5”.
It is flying by snail mail to a new owner as we speak :-)

be kind



  1. Your angel quilt is great Hanne, and all the blue fabrcis are beautiful! Lovely purses too :)

  2. You have done a lot :) Well touring progress.

  3. I too like blues. You may find that if you added a different blue, it may add some interest. Perhaps a darker blue or maybe a gray instead (or some colour from your applique.)

  4. You have been busy. Coming along nicely. Lovely colours.

  5. I am so looking forward to see your Angel Quilt finished

  6. I love it all... I have ordered the pattern for the runner, sorry, just inspiration, you know.

  7. Hei!! Det ser ut som du er i symodus om dagen!! Masse fint!! Jeg får også sydd, og det er så deilig!! AnneK:-)

  8. I do so love the colours and the way the ?Hexagons are put together! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!Anne

  9. love the blue on your Angels quilt...very peaceful!

  10. You do such beautiful work Hanne

  11. Your work is absolutely exquisite. Well done.

  12. I love the way that quilt is coming togethr. The blues are so lovely.

  13. The Angel quilt looks like a sweet summer night, such soft colours. The octagons with stitchery are beautiful too!


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