Monday, July 01, 2013

Tour de Fibre–day 2 and day 3


Sunday we were able to sit on the veranda for a while, and even if it was not very hot, it was good to get some fresh air.


From a distance we could watch the yellow sparrows feeding their young ones and giving them lessons of life.

P1080698May Britt is picking embroidery floss for a stitchery.

P1080700One of May Britt’s old Ufos – it deserves to be finished!

P1080701This is May Britt’s An Angels Story quilt top. We did the blocks together in 2007 / 2008. The blocks we have looks nearly identical – the framing colours makes all the difference!

Thanks for a lovely weekend May Britt – lots of Vitamin Q!


P1080710Monday morning – these are the Ufos I have picked for this week.
I am not sure how much I can get done, but I will do my best to move all of the forward.

P1080711These are the upper left quarter of my An Angels Story quilt


The first block framed – I am doing a happy dance – I love the colours and how it turned out!
I hope to finish this quilt top through the Tour de Fibre :-)





  1. Thank you for a lovely visit. It is always nice to have you visiting and sewing together with you.

    And good luck with your focus projects. The Angel Story quilt will be beautiful. Love the blue colours.

  2. Looking good! You have reminded me to start my Angel Story quilt this year.

  3. hola tu proyecto de angeles es hermoso donde consigo los patrones o el libro gracias


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