Friday, July 05, 2013

Tour de Fibre–day 6 and day 7

P1080732Part 2 of 4 of An Angels Story is done :-)


It is fun to see this quilt slowly coming together.
I am planning to quilt it myself, in sections. As you see, the parts are not the same size or shape, and it will be a centre set in, at the end. Doing this quilt Quilt-as-you-go might turn out to be a challenge, but I think I will go for it anyway :-)
Another challenge is if I do have enough of the pale blue fabrics to make all the squares…..
Some of the fabrics are rather old and I can not buy more.
Never a dull moment in the Quilt Corner!





  1. Kan du lage et innlegg med de stoffene du har lite av? Kan hende jeg har i mine kasser!

  2. The quilt is looking great so far. love it.

  3. So pretty, I made one of these a couple of years ago, i have just taken it out to use when my niece comes to visit - will post pictures on my blog later.

  4. Hello Hanne
    Your story is beautiful!
    The shades of blue gave delicacy to quilt.
    It really is a story of angels.

  5. I really love the blocks you have made so far. Have you thought about putting up a pic of the fabrics you have run out of? Soemone might have some to spare.

  6. Nydelig quilt du holder på med

  7. What you have going is beautiful. Hope it all works out for you.


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