Monday, February 17, 2014

Angel progress


Half a quilt done :-)
The other half is still in 2 pieces, but my goal is to join them today.
Quilt as you go is not very fast, but it makes a big quilt manageable.
I am aiming for Gold this week :-)

I have had a few questions about where to get the book here in Norway.

I know now that Quiltefryd in Tønsberg has the book – give them a call!
Tlf. 33 01 99 90


We saw the sun today, for the first time in weeks (for more than a couple of minutes)
Miss Cat is sunbathing and giving her fur a thorough cleaning in the sun.
I think we will get spring this year too, if not right now, it is within reach :-)




  1. Wow, that is looking so beautiful :)

  2. If you email Annie she may be able to tell you where to find the book.

  3. Me encanta!
    Saludos desde Tenerife.

  4. Jeg tror du elsker engle, ser stadig vekk noen flotte hos deg. Her har det vært sypause i fjorten dager (ikke på grunn av OL, men besøk sørfra), men fra i morgen er jeg i gang igjen.

  5. Hei, så nydeligt.Fin fin helg til deg.


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