Thursday, January 14, 2016

I love to make gifts!

I love to make gifts - for birthdays, for Christmas or just because :-)
May Britt had celebrated her birthday in the end of September and we were travelling to USA in November 2015.
She had not yet got her present, and I found that the airport was the perfect place to be presented with a surprise gift.

One always need a new toiletry bag when travelling, right?

The stitchery is designed by Bronwyn Hayes - Red Brolly. I have not seen it in any Norwegian shop. When I found Bronwyn Hayes' designs online many years ago, I was smitten with her drawings and I hunted them on Ebay.

May Britt was very surprised - success!

For hostess gifts for our lovely hostesses Debra and Colleen, we decided to make them our traditional Advent Calendar, so they had a special treat to enjoy through December.
We gave 2 gift each to both calendars and above is one of mine - the blue and beige pouch is for Colleen and the red one is for Deb.

I am happy that both Deb and Colleen liked their pouches :-)

Right before our trip I bought these cool name tags. I enjoy using them.

It was also fun to make these 2 pincushions - one for my friend Val - and she got her gift just because, in Shipshewana,
and one for a birthday gift for a special friend here at home.
Designer of stitchery and buttons is Lynette Anderson.

Off course I needed a new toiletry bag for our USA travel too :-)
 One can never have to many toiletry bags, ever!

Wishing  you a wonderful day
 - Hanne


  1. I was so surprised and SO happy for my birthday gift :) I love it and it is in use every day :) Love surprises like this. And I love the little box you gave me for Christmas :)

  2. loving the toilet bag you made for May such a characterful design and you have shared other very nice projects. The friends must have been delighted with the advent ones

  3. Så flotte gaver og lekre toalettvesker! Veldig koselig med sticheri motiv. Vi får aldri nok toalettvesker. :-)

  4. Thank you for the link to Red Brolly! Your bags are lovely. :-)

  5. Oh, how exciting visiting the USA. Love those bags.

  6. Vackert, mycket vackert, tycker jag!


  7. The gifts are beautiful. I like to make things for other people too, maybe too much ... not enough time to sew for myself ! Your blog and May Britt's blog are the first ones I ever read and you have both provided so much inspiration. Thank you for that. I hope that 2016 is VERY good to you.

  8. Flotte gaver. Som alltid fantastisk flott søm! :)
    Det så ut til at USA turen var innholdrik og mange hyggelige møter!
    Ha en fortsatt fantastisk bra dag!

  9. Bronwyn Hayes has a great blog with lots of free designs. And I mean lots.
    Check out Red Brolly and Enjoy. I have lots of her old patterns from magazines and the blog. Contact me if you have problems with her blog.


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